04 Job Opportunities

Methodology of Sending Recruits Overseas under the JITCO Programme

Given below are the main operational bodies of the JITCO programme and their respective tasks in making the programme a success.


Operational Bodies


          Sending Organizations - Licensed Agencies (Sri Lanka)

Pre-dispatch training, application, visa procedures, registration and dispatching etc.,


          Accepting Organization - Japan

Organising opportunities in Japan, visa arrangement, monitoring and management of trainees etc,.



Administrative Bodies


          Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare


Administration, Promotion and Monitoring


          Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE)


      -  Organise, administrate and monitor the Training Programme

-  Control authorized licensed agencies

-  Training of Japanese Language and Lifestyle


          Japan International Technical Training Co-operation Organization (JITCO)

Guidance and Monitoring




The responsibilities for each stage of the programme lies with different parties as listed below.


          Recruitment                                                                  :               Licensed Agencies

          Sending                                                                         :               Licensed Agencies

          Organizing of Training Opportunities                      :               Licensed Agencies

          Control / Monitoring                                                     :               SLBFE

          Training - Language / Lifestyle / Physical Fitness:               SLBFE

         Promotion                                                                     :               SLBFE / Licensed Agencies / Ministry