Approval to Recruit

How to get approval for your Job Order

If you are a licensed foreign employment agent with a valid license and you received a job order from a Foreign Agent or Sponsor, you should obtain the necessary approvals from the First Approval Division of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) before:

  • Advertising or making people aware of the job vacancies you may have
  • Recruiting people for employment abroad
  • Any other activity relevant to the above

Obtaining First Approval

You can apply for the “First approval” which would allow you to recruit people for employment abroad by submitting the following documents to the approval division:

1.       Covering letter requesting first approval

2.       Job Order

3.       Recruitment agreement

4.       Power of attorney

5.       Completed “F” Form

6.       Any further information as requested

Advertising Vacancies in the Media

To advertise your vacancies in the media after obtaining the First Approval, the following documents have to be submitted to the SLBFE:

  • A covering letter requesting approval
  • The job order
  • A copy of the advertisement

Renewing the First Approval

The First approval which you have obtained is valid only for a period of one year. You can renew the First Approval by submitting the following documents to the SLBFE:

  • A covering letter requesting to renew the First Approval
  • The Expired First Approval which is to be renewed
  • Completed “FI” form

 You must also remember to;

  • Complete all necessary formalities
  • Possess letter heads of the foreign Agent
  • Get the necessary attestations from the relevant Embassies

Payment for Registration

The payment of registration was made compulsory by a gazette amendment published on the 14th of October 1994. Accordingly, the registration was made compulsory for all persons going abroad for employment.

Registration Fees

Initial Registration Fees  : LKR 15,200 + VAT 15%+ NBT 2%
Renewal of Registration Fees : LKR  3,200 + VAT 15%+ NBT 2%