04 Job Opportunities

Finding Employment through a Friend

employment through a friend or a relative living abroad.

If you have found employment through a friend or relative living abroad:

  • You can visit the closest training centre to complete the necessary training and obtain the necessary training certificate 
  • You can then visit the Head Office of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) or the closest training centre and produce the following documents to get yourself registered

§  Your passport

§  Training certificate

§  Valid visa

§  Job agreement                                                   

  •  If all the above documents are in order, the officer would handover a form and a bank slip for you to pay the necessary registration fee 
  • You can then pay the registration fee to the bank specified by the officer 
  • Once this is done, you can handover the following documents to the SLBFE

§  Bank slips with the banks endorsements

§  Completed declaration form

§  Passport

§  Job agreement

§  Photo copies of the following documents 

o    Main page of passport

o    Previous departure and arrivals pages of the passport (If you are to be exempted from training)

o    Visa / work permit / no objection certificate

o    Job agreement and any other document if requested        

If all the above documents are in order, the officer would issue the necessary approval by endorsing the registration stamp on your passport.