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Job Agreements

What you need to know about Job Agreements

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) requests all those leaving for overseas jobs to sign a Job Agreement in order to get registered with the Bureau prior to your departure.

If you are a Male worker, domestic worker for non Middle Eastern countries or a skilled female worker you should sign an agreement with the local recruitment agent. Domestic workers leaving to Middle Eastern countries must sign an agreement at the Embassy of that particular country. 

The following signatures and endorsements should be available on the agreement.


If recruitment is done by an agent:

1.   Signature of employer

2.   Signature of foreign agent

3.   Signature of the Embassy / Consulate official

4.   Signature of local agent

5.   Signature of housemaid


If you are going abroad through a visa sent by a friend or a relative:

1.   Signature of the employer

2.   Signature of Embassy / Consulate official

3.   Signature of House Maid


You can use the following guidelines in the agreement:

1.   Wages

2.   Salary deductions

3.   Rest days

4.   Annual and casual leave

5.   Medical benefits

6.   Duties

7.   Welfare

8.   Termination of contract

9.   Dispute settlement

10.  Transfer of employment

11.  Repatriation

12.  Airfare cost