04 Job Opportunities

Preparing for the Journey

If you have followed all formalities / procedures and obtained the necessary approvals from the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) you could prepare yourself for the journey.

At this moment you must consider the following:

•    You should have made all arrangements and appointed necessary caretakers to look after all your chores and responsibilities which need to be done in your absence

•    You should meet the following officials who have been placed in your locality under the decentralisation programme of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and inform them so that they can look into your family’s welfare

      - Probation Officer (If you intend to leave your children in a place away from your home) 
      - Principals & Teachers (If you have any children who are studying) 
      - Grama Sevaka of your area
      - Public Health Midwife and Public Health Inspector (If you have children) 
      - The HARD appointed at the AGA divisions (If  you need any further advice)

•    Please also leave the following documents at your home or in the custody of the care taker     

     Copy of your Passport 
     Copy of your Job Agreement 
     Contact details of the local recruitment agency both local and abroad and the SLBFE

•    Arrive at the Airport at least 3 hours before the time of departure 

•    Remember to refresh yourself and wear clean clothes before departure (SLBFE also has a special transit house for women located at the eighth mile post of Katunayake) 

•    Keep your Air ticket, passport, visa documents, flight details and the sponsor details or the details of the person who would be receiving you at the Airport somewhere you can easily take out