04 Job Opportunities

Working Abroad

Given below are some important facts that you must remember while you are working abroad.

If you face a problem;

  • You can contact the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate of that country
  • Ask a relative or friend to make a complaint in the Conciliation Division, Foreign Relations Division or Sociologist Division of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE)
  • If you happen to have some leisure time, you can spend it in a useful manner by working with a self–help group in that country
  • You must remember to protect your self against sexually transmitted disease like HIV / AIDS
  • On completion of contract, you will be able to purchase things from your earnings and bring them back home
  • Maintain your NRFC account, which would give you more loan facilities

You must also remember to inform the authorities mentioned above if you have any problem with the non-payment of salary or if your sponsor had violated your contract while you are working abroad.