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When a Death Occured in Abroad


 In the unfortunate event of a death of a migrant worker, the heir or immediate relative of the deceased can apply for compensation from the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) in accordance with the insurance policy agreed upon prior to their departure.

Given below is the procedure to be followed.

•         The family of the deceased should contact the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring down the body and obtain relevant documents

•         Once the body has been received, you can report the matter to the Foreign Relations Division and obtain a grant of Rs. 10,000/= being funeral expenses, by submitting the following documents;

            Documents issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prove the death of the deceased
            Documents to prove the relationship of the heir of the deceased
            A  Grama Sevaka certificate

•         After the funeral and related rituals have been completed, the heir of the deceased could apply for compensation by reporting about the matter to the Welfare Division of the SLBFE

The beneficiaries of this grant would be as follows:

       1.  If the deceased is married
       2.  If the deceased is married and has no children
             Parents of the deceased  
       3.  If the deceased is not married
       4.  If the deceased is not married and one parent is living
             Brothers and Sisters  
       5.  If the deceased is not married and both parents are dead
             Brothers and Sisters

However, the heir of the compensation would be decided by the Welfare Division after ascertaining the authenticity of the documents. The claimants would be the legal heirs and not nominees or dependants. Married brothers and sisters can not apply for death claims.
The following basic documents should be submitted to claim for deaths;
1.       Death Certificate of the deceased
2.       Health reports and documents issued by the country of employment
3.       Embassy clearance issued by the Sri Lankan mission of the country of employment
4.       Cargo receipts issued by the carrier
5.       Grama Sevaka’s confirmation letter
6.       The residence of the deceased and heirs
7.       The relationships between the deceased and the heirs
8.       Original passport

In addition to this the following documents are also required; 

9.       If the deceased is married;
           Marriage certificate of deceased
           Birth certificates of children

     If unmarried;
              Birth certificate of the deceased
              National Identity Card of the parents
              Marriage certificate of parents
If brothers and sisters are claiming;
              Their birth certificate
              Copies of National Identity Cards
              Copies of bank accounts of the claimants

 Please also remember that;
1.  Two copies of all the above documents, certified by a J.P. should be provided
2.  Two completed claim applications also should be submitted