04 Job Opportunities

Arranging Loan for Migrant Workers at Low Interest

The above schemes are designed for migrant worker community who are not in a position to produce documents in support of income. This is a special project launched by SLBFE in collaboration withstate banks. Even if you are not in Sri Lanka, you can nominate a person with a Power of Attorney, to receive the loan amount on behalf of you. The following bank provide loan facilities on this scheme. 

Bank Type of Loan Amount of Loan Settlement Period Interest Rate
Rate paid by  migrant worker Rate paid by  SLBFE against to the Loan
Peoples Bank
1.Pre-departure for Middle East.
50,000/= 3 yrs 9% 7%
2.Housing Loan


250,000/= 5 yrs  



3.Self Employment Loan 250,000/= 5 yrs 8% 8%
Bank of Ceylon 1.Pre-departure for Middle East. 50,000/= 2 yrs Total interest  
2.Housing Loan 300,000/= 5 yrs 5% 5%
3.Self Employment Loan 300,000/= 5 yrs 8% 8%
National Saving Bank 1.Pre-departure for Middle East. 50,000/= 18 months 8.5% 6.5%
Sarani Housing Loan 300,000/= 5 yrs 5% 5%
State Mortgage
& Investment   bank
Housing Loan
(only Housing)
500,000/= 5 yrs 7.5% 7%

Eligibility: 1)  
Should be Registered with the SLBFE.Migrant Worker should make the request within the period of the work 2).Migrant Worker should have a NRFC (Non Residence Foreign Currency) account at Relevant Bankand should have at least US$ 500 in his/her NRFC account-(The bank have the right to get any 
Security like Mortgage over property, Two personal  guaranties(if requires)